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Hi, I'm Lindsey!


I am currently a junior studying fashion merchandising with a business minor at Mount Mary University. I have always felt that I have had an entrepreneurial spirit. I started my own photography business five years ago which has since become my full time job. Through being my own boss, I have had to learn things such as time and money management, advertising skills, how to file business taxes, build a website, customer service, upholding to client expectations and so many other skills that I attest to who I am today. Aside from that, I also started a lifestyle and fashion blog to keep me creatively conditioned through the slow winter months of the photography industry. Through that, I have created another business and worked with brands such as Victoria’s Secret Pink, L’Oreal Paris, BHLDN (of Anthropologie), Benefit Cosmetics, and many more. I found myself wanting more beyond my current ventures and to find a career that embodies all of my passions, eventually landing on the fashion industry. With my background in photography and social media, I have learned to embrace the creative aspects of the industry as well as how to take it seriously as a business.

meet you!

nice to

expected in this field?

what is

There are many attributes that employers look for in this industry, one of the most important being teamwork and the ability to collaborate ideas with others. Other expectations include the ability to negotiate and network, be likeable and approachable, the ability to work under pressure with strict deadlines, analytical skills, strong judgement and decision-making, trend forecasting, creativity, confidence, presentation skills and good communication.


I am thankful for my experience with owning my own business at such a young age and the skills that it has taught me. I believe these experiences will be extremely beneficial in the long run. I have had to learn and test many of these skills first hand in real life situations, which has given me confidence that I am prepared me to handle similar situations on a greater scale within a larger company.


so, where to next?

Being my own boss has taught me many things, but most importantly, that I wouldn't want it to be any other way. I love the crazy, challenging world of entrepreneurship and have big dreams to build a business of my own in the fashion industry one day. I hope to own an online retail store specializing in contemporary womenswear. Something I would do differently as a business owner this time around would be to not try and do everything myself. I have realized that I am the type of person who wants to wear every hat I possibly can, but building a strong team is 100 times more powerful. I also want to focus on building a strong portfolio and education before trying to jump into a business blindly. I hope to land an internship somewhere beneficial to my future plans where I can learn the ins and outs of the industry as well as make connections with like-minded professionals. A dream job would be to work for a brand I admire such as Madewell, Sezane, Topshop, Anthropologie, or ASOS. These brands fall in line with my style as far as product and branding and I would love to know first hand how they have achieved their success. I am extremely interested in the buying and business side of the industry.

but does the shoe fit?

As I mentioned earlier, I have struggled in the past by overloading myself with too many tasks and wanting to be in control. This tends to be one of my weaknesses. As a creative, sometimes it's hard to find other creatives that work well with each other and can successfully collaborate rather than clash ideas. I also have so many passions and love exercising each and every one of them as much as I can, especially through my work, but I realize that I only overwork myself in this situation.

I have learned that building a trustworthy, like minded team is the key to success. I have always been the type to want to be a leader in group situations, which is why I feel I would do well in an entrepreneurial-leadership role. Until then, I am eager to learn and meet other creatives with whom I can enhance my teamwork skills.

I feel that I am a pretty outgoing and approachable person which helps me succeed with communication skills. I also feel that I work best under pressure, which seems to be a common situation in this field. I believe that most of my personality qualities are in line with those required, though of course would need to be tested in a real life situation. 

make it happen:

how to

I am so incredibly excited to take the next steps to make my dream career become a reality. Besides completing my education, I hope to take advantage of any networking opportunities, whether online through social channels such as LinkedIn, or in-person at networking events. I will be continuing to grow my blog and my relationships with the brands I have been able to work with through collaborations and events. I also plan on studying abroad in Paris with the Mount Mary fashion department, as well as finding an internship within a retail company. I would ideally like to find an internship within the buying department, but since my end goal is to own my own business, I will need to know the ins and outs of all departments. I plan to take an internship, most likely local, while in school to understand how a smaller corporation works, and after graduation, find a more serious internship (or full time position) within a larger company in a bigger city such as Chicago or New York. 

With these steps, I hope to gain enough experience in the industry to finally take the leap and start a business of my own. 


thank you!

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