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2019 Goals

Happy 2019 lovelies! It's actually crazy to even say that because I swear I was just trying to remember to write 2010 on my papers. Haha, I'm dramatic but seriously time flies so fast! New Years for me is always a reminder to take time to reflect on the good and the bad of the year and to be thankful for all of the accomplishments and good things that you did have! Sometimes it's hard to look back and really think about these things, but in the end of everything there is always some sentimental thoughts that seem to be unavoidable. Whether you are a yearly goal maker or not, taking a moment to be proud of what you have accomplished or learned rather than feeling sorry for yourself or being down is always the best perspective to go about.

I personally love setting goals for this very reason! Most of the time the things I end up reflecting on and am most thankful for are things I never even listed as goals because they were either completely unexpected or I just thought they were way to unrealistic for me at the time, which obviously goes to show that they were not! For me personally, one of the things from 2018 that I was most proud of was booking my first (TWO may I add) travel weddings! This is something I've dreamed about forever but would never in a million years have thought I would accomplish already. My point is, dream big ladies and gents!

This year I wanted to focus on goals that take me out of my comfort zone. I feel like I always want to be very realistic and comfortable with my New Years goals/resolutions out of fear that I will never accomplish them, but now I just figured that is all the more reason to set them as goals. I personally find it helpful to set a day once a month (such as your birthday number) to put a reminder in your phone to check in with your yearly goals. This way, it's a little less difficult to completely ignore your goals until, whoops, it's New Years again!

1. Open my own online clothing store -

This is something I have wanted to do FOREVER! And I really thought it would be completely unrealistic until I have a more stable situation or free-time, but I also thought, why the heck not now?!

2. Travel to at least 5 new places -

Traveling has always been such a love of mine and I am so ready to start making it a priority! So many times, I feel that people have a hard time prioritizing travel (even though they really want to) due to finances, family, work, etc., and I am fortunate enough to be at a stage in my life where I don't have any of these things holding me back. I don't want to look back when I do have more obstacles to making this happen and wish that I could go back and experience life when I had the chance.

3. Buy a house -

Okay, this might be a little out there but you know what, it is possible! I have always wanted to skip the whole renting stage of life and jump right to ownership. Maybe 2019 is the year I will make this happen!

4. Commit to trying new things -

This is a hard one for me! I have always considered myself pretty open to trying new things, but this year I really want to commit to it! I get so used to comfortability that sometimes I just don't branch out until I need to. This could be vague, but for me, I want to stay away from my normal picks of the menu and pick something new every time, try out different genres of music or movies, explore new hobbies/activities, or really any situation that I come across where I can get out of my comfort zone! I am going to try really hard to stick to this one, but it will probably be the most difficult for me, but I think the outcome could be really amazing!

5. Be present -

So often, I find myself feeling the need to constantly check my phone. Whether it be waiting in line, sitting at a red light, or even when you're with friends or family, I know that I (and everyone else) are always so caught up in our phones or other things that we forget to be present and appreciate those little moments. Resist the urge! Take those moments to enjoy that time with your friends or family, or when you're alone, look out the window, compliment a stranger, make a friend. There is so much more that goes on around us than what so and so had for lunch today. And I know, I'm one to talk! This will definitely be a challenge for me but without commitment there is no change. Phones are great, but don't forget that life is greater.

I encourage you to think of some goals of your own and take time to commit to achieving them. Setting goals has always helped me to keep track of where I am at and compare it to where I would ideally like to be. I have some smaller, more personal goals that I didn't add to this list too! Your goals do not need to be anything extravagant, but setting and accomplishing things makes you feel so much more on the right path. This year I just wanted to challenge myself to set even bigger goals to encourage myself to work even harder. Whether you are starting on the smaller side of that spectrum or you want to dream big, I encourage you to just start!

Happy 2019 everyone! I hope that it is your best year yet!


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