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5 Ways to Style Leather Leggings | With Edie Boutique

In partnership with Edie Boutique

Hi loves! Happy (almost) March!

Today I am going to be sharing 5 ways to style my new favorite staple piece, Spanx leather leggings from Edie Boutique! I really never knew how bad I needed these until now, but BOY do I (and so do you)! Seriously, not only are these bad boys the most comfortable things I've ever owned, but they are so cute and can work with any style!

1. Casual

Here's the first and easiest way to style these! I love the look of a chunky sweater just slightly tucked in the front to give it some character! I also added my black leather combat boots to blend with the leggings.

So simple and easy, but so cute! Leather leggings seem to bring a different vibe and feel to the outfit versus typical leggings, so this is a fun twist to add to any basic outfit!

2. Casual with a twist of dressy

So just to add a little twist on the first, easy casual look would be to dress it up a bit with some accessories and a jacket! This white sweater, which I tucked in the front a bit, has super fun loose arms that are tight towards the wrist. So to show that, I decided to keep my jacket over my shoulders as an accessory versus on normally. I also dressed it up a bit with an up-do and some super gorgeous tortoise hoops. This full outfit is from Edie!

3. Femme

One of my favorite and most fun ways to style these is to add a feminine blouse! This look added with a bit of edge from the leather is the perfect mix. And since the leggings are black, you can really use any color blouse and it would look good! I loved this bright orange floral blouse with them so it would pop against the black.

4. Chic

Add a baret and all of a sudden it's chic! Haha that is pretty much my motto for styling any kind of outfit. I was loving this all black look with my black turtleneck sweater and black baret, but needed a more statement piece to complete the outfit. So of course, me being as extra as I am, had a fur cheetah coat just laying around in my closet. This made the perfect piece to pull the outfit together. I also loved the way these heeled sock booties brought a dressier look to the outfit.

5. Edgy

This look was so fun for me! I am definitely the complete opposite of an edgy girl but I adore the style - and nothing says edgy like leather and black denim!

I paired these leggings with a band tee, oversized black denim jacket -- and had to add the black combat boots and hat for a little more edge!

6. Sporty Casual (BONUS OUTFIT)

Add a simple hoodie, beanie, and some cute tennies and bam! Your grocery store/running errands outfit is so much cuter! (also yes my butt did get wet in the taking of this photo...LOL)

I'm not kidding when I say these leggings are the comfiest leggings ever. They are so stretchy and just add a bit of pop to any outfit you would normally wear regular leggings or black jeans with! They are a must have staple for winter (and really fall/spring too)! They are so easy to style and can be worn so many different ways.

I hope you enjoyed this little lookbook of mine! Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or want to share any outfits you styled or got inspired from! I would love to see!

That's all for today! As always, thanks for reading and don't forget to subscribe to keep up!


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