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We're Engaged! Our Engagement Story

WOWOWOW that feels crazy to say! I can't believe I'm officially a fiancé! It's been so surreal to take it all in and I'm still completely mesmerized every time I look at my hand. I am so over the moon and cannot wait to marry my best friend!

Josh joined me after I took a few days for a solo trip to New York (you can read about that here) and we spent the weekend exploring the city together. New York is such a special place to us because it's my favorite city in the world, where we took our first trip together and made some of our favorite memories - and now we have the best memory of all!

We started the day by grabbing coffee at Ralph's and then heading to the Met. It was a bit rainy out that day so it was the perfect day to spend in the museum, and I was so excited to visit for the first time. It was a Saturday afternoon so it was obviously pretty busy, and walking around in a building packed with people and heavy winter coats wasn't exactly the most comfortable way to spend the afternoon. I was so excited to be in the Met and poor Josh kept complaining about how hot he was, but refused to take off his coat. Me, not knowing the reason he wouldn't take it off was because he had a ring box in his pocket - got so mad at him because he kept complaining but wouldn't do anything about it. Haha - what's a good proposal story without a little pre-proposal bickering? 😂

After we left the museum, we decided to walk around the park a bit. I was so confused why Josh wanted to wander along every part of the park except the main fountain anywhere. I mean we were wandering aimlessly and walking circles through some of the unpaved parts of the park - and I was in heels 😂 He was acting so strange and kept looking at his phone before we eventually made it to the fountain. While I was distracted taking photos on my phone, he said "I can't stall any longer" and the second he said that, all I could think was "OH MY GOD IT'S HAPPENING" and it was! He got down on a knee and I immediately started bawling. In classic central park fashion, a crowd of people started clapping for us which actually made it even more special. ❤️

Obviously since I am a wedding photographer, we talk about weddings/proposals often and I always joked with Josh that when he proposes I'm going to look around to see if he hired a photographer before I answer LOL. Obviously I did not do that and I was so caught up in the moment it's all a blur. Just like every proposal story I've heard, I could not tell you one word Josh said to me when he was down on a knee. All I remember is the feeling of just overwhelming joy and my hands shaking like crazy from the excitement. Turns out, he understood the assignment and obviously hired an incredible photographer (hi @gillianleephotos 😘) to capture the moment for us and I am forever grateful to have these moments captured!

After the proposal, we went to the Central Park boathouse to celebrate with some champagne and FaceTime all of our loved ones. That was one of my favorite parts of the day and it was so special to tell all of them and feel their excitement for us. After that, we took a carriage ride throughout the park before we had a nice steak dinner at Porter House Bar and Grill overlooking the park.

And of course a moment for the ring - I am still so in awe every time I see this beauty sparkling on my hand. I told Josh I wanted something timeless and classy and he went above and beyond - it's absolutely perfect and feels so me!

I was so over the moon for the rest of our trip. It was so special to have a couple of days where it was just us and we could celebrate together, but we were also so excited to head home and celebrate with our families over the holidays! To celebrate we also upgraded our flight home to first class *cue glamorous by Fergie* which just really topped off the whole trip.

Now comes the excitement of wedding planning! You already know I'll be all over sharing all of the bride outfits and wedding planning tips - so stay tuned! 😘

Thanks for reading our special story!



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