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MKE HOME | A Series

I have decided to begin a travel blog series called MKE HOME, which is a popular phrase you have probably seen on a t-shirt if you're from the Milwaukee area (pictured below). This series is intended to showcase all of Milwaukee's best places to visit.

I've always been one to love a big city. Living in a small city like Milwaukee constantly has me in a "been there, done that" mindset, but one of the best things about Milwaukee is the small little hustle and bustle of the city without the terrible traffic or other negatives. Over time, I've come to appreciate it. I've always tried to find new things to do around here, but it’s not always easy. Through relying on those little posters at Collectivo or stumbling across cute cafes, I've compiled tons of things to do that hopefully you haven't already seen on Instagram. Whether you're a visitor or local, this series is your best go-to for the most fun things to do in brew city.

Stay tuned for regular updates on this exciting new series - be sure to subscribe to keep up!


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