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MKE HOME | Tea at the Pfister (Blu Room)

Today's post for my new series MKE HOME features Milwaukee's Blu Room at the Pfister Hotel.

The Blu Room is located on the 23rd floor of the Pfister Hotel with the prettiest view of Milwaukee's gorgeous architecture and the great lake. Cocktail lounge by night, upscale tea party by day- this was such an awesome experience. The atmosphere was so perfect, topped off with a live music from a local pianist. There's something about tea, macaroons and live piano music that makes you feel so classy.

They served Rishi tea, which is a local Milwaukee brand that I absolutely love! You’ve probably seen their brand at the grocery store or tried it at a local coffee shop. They’re a pretty well known brand, and for a good reason. I’m a huge tea drinker, so my opinion is not biased by any means. The "tea butler" (as they call them) was so helpful in telling you all about the options you could choose from. I believe there were 14 different flavors of tea available, all of which were presented to you with the dry tea so you could smell each flavor. The butler also tells you all about the different health benefits of the ingredients for each flavor.

We had the choice between a "sweets" tray which included an array of delicious chocolates and desserts (most of which I have never heard of or tried), and a snack tray. We ordered the sweets, so I'm not exactly sure what the snack tray included, but the food was so good!

Afternoon tea is only available Friday-Sunday at 2PM, 2:30PM and 3PM by reservation only.

Check out their website here (please note that this post is not sponsored).

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