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Home Decor Inspiration | with Stone House Stage + Design

Happy April, lovies!

I've been so excited to share today's post talking all about home decor and design inspiration with Anna from Stone House Stage + Design! Anna is not only an amazingly talented interior stylist, but a major boss babe! She started Stone House Stage + Design only 9 months ago and has been flourishing as Milwaukee's most premier home staging and design company ever since.

Stone House Stage + Design has staged over $4.5 million dollars in real-estate in their first 9 months and their average home has been selling in 7 days or less! Anna works with local relators and home owners to bring homes to life. She has the perfect touch to make any house feel like a home and her work just speaks for itself.

Not only does Anna run Stone House, but she also sells these absolutely stunning vintage rugs, and many of them make appearances in her staging to show you just how to style them. You can find more of these beauties here!

We were lucky enough to do a shoot in one of the stunning homes that Anna styled, which was located in a beautiful neighborhood in Whitefish Bay. Staging a home can do wonders to create a vision for potential buyers. This specific home actually accepted an offer within one day and had 7 offers well over the asking price! How amazing is that?!

Here are a few photos from the house:

How adorable is this kid's playroom?!

I did a short Q&A with Anna to share her expertise on design and share a bit of inspiration with all of you!

Q: "How do you select a color palette for each room?"

A: "When selecting a color palette for a staged home I like to think neutral, my go to colors are Crushed Ice and Grecian Ivory paint. Selecting a painter color is tricky, we offer color consultations to those who want to paint their home themselves but do not have an eye for color. If we’re designing a home, that's a much different story, since we want to make sure the home owner loves the colors in their home since they will be living with it. Staging is different, we’re appealing the masses. Once a color for the walls is selected, I also include the following in every stage, a piece of greenery, natural wood, neutral furniture and pop the room with an amazing rug + pillows, we call this #stonehousestyle"

Q: "Where do you find design inspiration?"

A: "My inspiration starts from the minute I walk in the door, I’m realizing I have a gift that I’ve been taking for granted for years. When walking into a space, and spending some time in the space, I can get a feel for what is going to look amazing and will make others feel that way too! Truly, my inspiration comes from natural elements + vintage rugs."

Q: "What are some tips to not over-clutter a room but still bring character?"

A: "Keep your larger furniture pieces neutral, even if you’re not staging your home. This way you won’t get sick of them as quickly + they won’t overpower a room. I see so often too many large pieces of furniture in a room, this is a big no no, and I’d say my number one tip. Less is more and spacial planning when considering your home is key! Another thing I see often is too many things hanging around the room, just because it’s a free wall, doesn’t mean it needs something on it. Pick a wall (ideally the vocal point wall) and choose your favorite piece of art, or create a collage wall (again plan before you hang!). Lastly, I would say to buy furniture with a purpose, especially if you have kids. Kids = toys, so baskets and creative storage are your best friend. I swear I can declutter my house in just a few minutes, because everything has a place to ‘hide’."

Q: "How would you describe your design style?"

A: "Oh Lordy, this is a hard one. I’ve spent my entire career trying to answer this both with fashion + design and frankly I’m not sure I have found the answer. I would say I’m simple, with a twist of funk...if I must put a name to it, I think it would be labeled, transitional design."

If you want to know more about Anna or Stone House Stage + Design, you can visit her website where she shares all about the design process and insightful tips on home design. She also wrote a great blog post all about this specific Whitefish Bay home if you'd like to see more!

She is also offering $15 off anything in the market for all of my readers! Use code "COLE15" to redeem the discount and be sure to check out all of the gorgeous vintage rugs!

I hope you enjoyed this post! I had so much fun working with Anna on putting it together and sharing some inspiration for home design. As always, thanks for reading and be sure to subscribe to keep up!



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